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Professional Advise Offered by the IPMT

Are you interested in knowing the traditional uses of a specific materia medica in ancient times? Do you need to create a database on all the ancient uses of a particular plant? You can benefit from the advice of a professional historian who can undertake the research and tailor it to your specific requirements.

Thirty-five years of investigation and activity in this field, hours and hours spent in archival research, and the unique resources provided by our collections and databases, allow us to offer the most accurate and documented historical information in the field of traditional medicine throughout the ancient Mediterranean.

Our skills and experience with identifying, collecting, and interpreting ancient documentation, are crucial in preparing texts for educational purposes, background briefings, patent searches, writing or assessing heritage citations and resolving disputes over heritage significance, providing evidence in court cases, and so on. We can also play an integral role when implementing records management and archival practices, such as advising on appraisal and disposal of records.

The Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions can help you develop and implement your research strategy.

Contact us and tell us about the project, its background, scope and scale, timetable, method of presentation, available archival resources, and budget.

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