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The Oklahoma Scholar-Leadership Enrichment Program - OSLEP  is an intercollegiate academic program sponsored by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education open to students at all the public and private universities in Oklahoma.The scholar-leadership program provides room and board, as well as books, at no additional charge to the students. The program encourages students to enroll in a five-day residential, 4000-level, leadership course featuring top scholars from various disciplines.

Among the courses of this year, one will be taught in mid-March by our Scientific Director Alain Touwaide, and it will be devoted to Books of Science/Science of the Book.

The seminar will examine books of science from the time of Hippocrates to Hans Sloane and beyond. Particular attention will be devoted to the making of the scientific book though time, and to the methods to be used for the study of ancient book, be it manuscript or printed. Based on case studies, the course will include virtual visits to libraries across the world, analysis of actual books from the History of Science Collections of the University of Oklahoma Library, and hands-on experience. It aims to open the way to cross-disciplinary research based on the search for, and direct examination of, relevant ancient documents (primary sources) in any scientific discipline.

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