Inspiring innovation from tradition

The Institute is devoted to scientific research and education. It promotes an awareness of the value of preserving medical traditions among scientists, scholars, and the general public, as well as institutions, research centers, universities, museums, libraries, and any repository of knowledge at local, national, and international level.

The Institute fosters effective communication and collaboration with individuals, institutions, universities, research centers, libraries, museums, and others interested or involved in the preservation and study of medical traditions, and serves as an advocate for the preservation of medical traditions to any kind of institution (government, private, or others), be it locally, nationally, or internationally.

Also, it will contribute to the education in the field of medical traditions, with a particular focus on the next generation of scientists, by setting up training programs, providing funding, making documentary collections and scientific expertise available, and taking any other appropriate measure. To this end, it will support scientific activity in the field, be it in-house or extra-mural, by providing financial aid for young scientists (under-graduate and graduate students, Ph.D. candidates and postdocs) or established scholars and scientists, locally, nationally, and internationally.

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