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George Urdang Medal AIHPOur Scientific Director Alain Touwaide has been awarded the prestigious George Urdang Medal by the American Institute of the  History of Pharmacy (AIHP) “for his remarkable achievement and for setting an exemplary standard for pharmacy historians and scholars worldwide.”  AIHP awards the George Urdang Medal biennially to recognize the lifetime achievements of a person who, over a sustained period, has made important scholarly contributions to the field of the history of pharmacy and pharmaceuticals.

From the official letter: "Your work exemplifies the scholarship the George Urdang Medal seeks to honor. Your publications address varied topics spanning many centuries and they exhibit great breadth and depth. In many ways, your long and productive career highlights and mirrors the humanistic aspirations for pharmacy history put forward 80 years ago by George Urdang, making you a worthy recipient of the George Urdang Medal.”

The George Urdang Medal will be formally presented to Alain Touwaide at the International Congress for the History of Pharmacy, which will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, in September 2024

The Oklahoma Scholar-Leadership Enrichment Program - OSLEP  is an intercollegiate academic program sponsored by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education open to students at all the public and private universities in Oklahoma.The scholar-leadership program provides room and board, as well as books, at no additional charge to the students. The program encourages students to enroll in a five-day residential, 4000-level, leadership course featuring top scholars from various disciplines.

Among the courses of this year, one will be taught in mid-March by our Scientific Director Alain Touwaide, and it will be devoted to Books of Science/Science of the Book.

The seminar will examine books of science from the time of Hippocrates to Hans Sloane and beyond. Particular attention will be devoted to the making of the scientific book though time, and to the methods to be used for the study of ancient book, be it manuscript or printed. Based on case studies, the course will include virtual visits to libraries across the world, analysis of actual books from the History of Science Collections of the University of Oklahoma Library, and hands-on experience. It aims to open the way to cross-disciplinary research based on the search for, and direct examination of, relevant ancient documents (primary sources) in any scientific discipline.

Scientific Director Alain Touwaide will be a Visiting Professor at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), in Paris, for the whole month of May.

Below is the program of his public lectures (all in French), organized by Filippo Ronconi, EHESS-Centre d’études en sciences sociales du religieux.


Mercredi 11 mai  |  14h30 – 16h30 Salle 25B • EHESS, 2 cours des humanités 93300 Aubervilliers

Les données des manuscrits  – The Manuscript Evidence. Dans le cadre du séminaire «Histoire culturelle byzantine et méditerranéenne (VIIe-Xe siècles)», animé par Filippo Ronconi.


Vendredi 13 mai  |  14h30 – 16h30 Salle 3.09 • Centre de colloques, cours des humanités 93300 Aubervilliers

Une autre thérapie – Transforming Therapeutics. Dans le cadre du séminaire «Histoire de la médecine et des savoirs sur le corps (XVIe-XVIIIe siècle)», animé par Rafael Mandressi.


Mercredi 18 mai  |  11h00 – 13h00 Salle Pierre-Jean Mariette•INHA – 2 rue Vivienne 75002 Paris

Médecins, livres et plantes d’un monde à un autre  – Peoples, Books and Plants on the Move. Dans le cadre du séminaire, «Acteurs et espaces de l’échange dans la Méditerranée antique», animé par Cecilia D’Ercole.


Mercredi 25 mai  |  14h30 – 16h30 Salle 25B • EHESS, 2 cours des humanités 93300 Aubervilliers

Vers une nouvelle lecture de la médecine méditerranéenne – Revisiting the Traditional Narrative. Dans le cadre du séminaire, «Histoire culturelle byzantine et méditerranéenne (VIIe-Xe siècles)», animé par Filippo Ronconi.

As official partner of the recently established Ethnobotany Collaborative Group (ECoG), within the Pharmacognosy Institute at the University of Illinois Chicago College of Pharmacy, the IPMT will contribute to the new Seminar entitled “Plant Medicine from Rainforest to Metropolis – A Legacy for the Future”, with two classes by our Scientific Director Alain Touwaide, entitled "History of Materia Medica, from the Remotest Antiquity to Today".

Fall 2021,UIC Honors College, Class HON 201, CRN 13770

Click HERE to see the titles of the seminars and the instructors.

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The American Institute for the History of Pharmacy (AIHP) has awarded the 2019 Edward Kremers Award to IPMT Scientific Director Alain Touwaide,"on the basis of his large body of published work on materia medica and pharmaceutical practice in Antiquity, Byzantium, the Arabic world, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance."
Congratulations, Alain!
Here is the official announcement by AIHP.

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