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In recent years, Touwaide has been the recipient of research funding from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicines of the National Institutes of Health (2004-2009), and Earthwatch Institute for his research program on medicinal plants of Antiquity (2003-2006). In the past, he has received grants from the Smithsonian Women’s Committee (2003); the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia, PA (2001); the Andrew Mellon Foundation (2000, 2001); the History of Science Society (2000); the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies in Naples (Italy) (2006, 2005, 1997, 1995, 1994); the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine in London (UK) (1997); the Ministry of Universities and Scientific Research of Spain (1989, 1977), The Netherlands (1989), Italy (1982, 1976), and France (1979); the Royal Academy of Belgium (1986, 1978); the National Foundation for Scientific Research of Belgium (1985, 1983, 1980, 1978, 1977); the Belgian Historical Institute in Rome (1978); and the Goethe Institute in Germany (1975).

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