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The author of 170+ publications including monographs, edited volumes, chapters in co-authored collections, peer-reviewed articles, entries to encyclopedias, and proceedings of conferences, Touwaide has delivered papers in conferences and lectured worldwide. He is also the author or co-author of exhibitions on the history of botany and medicine displayed in Brussels (B), Louvain (B), Paris (F), Pittsburgh, PA (USA), and Washington, DC (USA), and the author of poster exhibitions in Athens (GR), Erice (I), Istanbul (TK), Louvain (B), Piacenza (I), Taormina (I), one of which traveled across the globe (Beijing [China], Academy of Medicine; Bethesda MD [USA], National Institutes of Health; Geneva [CH], World Health Organization; Istanbul [TK}, Yeditepe University; Mexico DF [MEX], National University of Mexico; Paris [F], Inter-university Library of Medicine; Raleigh, NC [USA], National Institute of Environmental Health; Rome [I], National Library, and Victoria, BC [CDN], University of Victoria).

He is the author of the Web site PLANT-Renaissance Botanical Illustrations developed by the Smithsonian Institution Libraries in collaboration with the National Library in Rome, Italy and the co-author of the website of the Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions. Also, he has written 1,000+ lay-audience articles on the history of medicine in the medical press.

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