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Archaia/Nea means "Ancient/New" in Classical Greek. This is the Newsletter of the Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions, of which this is the first issue. Ancient/New without and or any other link between the two terms. Ancient and New are not juxtaposed, but create an interactive sequence, a direct shift from Ancient to New and probably even to the Future. Archaia/Nea is best understood as The Future of the Past. Because this is what the Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions is about: giving a future to the past, Inspiring Innovation from Tradition.

Mythologies all over the world abound in creatures of all kinds, including the most terrifying monsters. What if these scary beings were born from some of the many faces of the natural world? And, if so, how about medicinal plants and the traditions which transmitted knowledge about all the multiple faces of this world?

Word about the Institute has spread all over the world. Its Website is visited from all the world, with an increasing number of readers from miles away. In recent and coming months, the Directors of the Institute, CEO Emanuela Appetiti and Scientific  Director Alain Touwaide, are actively engaged in this worldwide circulation of information ...

For years and even decades, the founders of the Institute have been collecting printed versions of primary sources, secondary literature (in the form of monographs or offprints) and scientific journals. And even more...

From China to the Mediterranean, the Silk Road is more than a beaten path. The Institute is approaching it from a different angle. Preliminary results are encouraging ...

From its creation in September 2007, the Institute has grown at a rapid, yet constant pace. It has now reached a new threshold and needs to make the right move. We want to hear from you.


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