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Hippocrates is at the starting point of a Down under online exhibition entitled Hippocrates to Harrison featuring a selection of texts which have contributed to the development of Western medicine. Renowned and forgotten authors are represented from the earliest days of the printing press to the end of the twentieth century. The exhibition was curated by Professor Yvonne Cossart to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Medical Faculty of the University of Sydney, in New South Wales (Australia).

In Philadelphia, PA (USA), Flower to Pharmacy, Botanical Exhibition, is on view at the Pennsylvania Hospital Historic Library (2 Pine Center, 800 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107) through June 1, 2012. Here is a list of the current exhibitions at the Historic Library.

At the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC (USA), Cyprus is the object of the historical exhibition Cyprus: Crossroads of Civilizations, which goes through the whole history of the island. Not surprisingly (thanks to its central position), Cyprus has played an important role as a mediator between the Eastern Mediterranean and the Greek world. Among many other historical and archaeological treasures, it has kept the most ancient trace of a domesticated cat. Its tempestuous waters, which have provoked the loss of so many ships with their entire cargo, have also preserved all this material intact and are a treasure trove for archaeologists. Many of these pieces are on display at the Smithsonian until May 1.

The role of Cyprus in the West is paralleled by Afghanistan in the East as the exhibition Afghanistan: Crossroads of the Ancient World at the British Museum in London suggests. This exhibition on display until July 3, features over 200 objects found in Afghanistan dating from between 2000 BC to the first century AD.

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