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March 22-24, 2012 - Washington, DC

The Renaissance Society of America held its Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., March 22-24, 2012. The Institute - which is among the affiliated organizations to the RSA - contributed with a Roundtable entitled The Digital Herbal: Roundtable on Renaissance Botanical Illustration on the Internet. On this occasion the website PLANT-Plantarum Aetatis Novae Tabulae, devoted to illustrated printed herbals from 1481 to 1650, was presented and discussed with Independent Scholar Karen Reeds and the attendees.

May 15-18, 2012 - Portland, Oregon

The 2012 International Research Congress on Integrative Medicine & Health, will be held in Portland, Oregon, May 15-18, 2012. The Congress is sponsored by the Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine and the Institute is one of the sponsoring organizations.

May 21-25, 2012 – Montpellier, France

13th Congress of the International Society of Ethnobiology. The theme of the Congress will be Cultural diversity and biological diversity for sustainable development: Exploring the past to build up the future.

June 3-7, 2012 - Frostburg, MD, USA

The 53rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Economic Botany will be held at Frostburg State University and Alleganey College, in Maryland. The theme for the meeting will be the Ethnobotany of Mountain Cultures.

September 2-6, 2012 - Graz, Austria

The 13th International Congress of the Society for Ethnopharmacology will be organized in collaboration with the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research and Eurasia-Pacific Uninet, and will be hosted by the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Graz. The IPMT will participate with a keynote lecture by Alain Touwaide, who will discuss, in line with the theme of the Congress, the relevance of the Silk Road for the exchange of medicinal plants and medicinal knowledge between East and West.

September 12-16, 2012 - Padua-Abano Terme, Italy

The 43rd Congress of the International Society for the History of Medicine will take place in Padua and at Abano Terme. The main topics will focus on The birth of modern medicine: the Padua University Medical School and the European Renaissance; The Republic of Venice and the fight against transmissible diseases in a global world; Past and future of thermal therapies: from Aponus to Abano and beyond;  Plants, animals and minerals: the long journey towards present pharmacotherapeutics.

October 7-9, 2012 - Naples, Italy

The 8th Congress of the International Association for the History of Nephrology (IAHN) will be held in Naples (Italy).

The IAHN awards the Evamaria Kinne-Saffran Lecture in History of Medicine on the occasion of every conference. Evamaria Kinne-Saffran (1941-2002) was a vivid supporter of the value of interdisciplinary bridges and a convincing advocate of the importance of the past in understanding the present and predicting the future. The lecture is aimed to support young scientists - nephrologists interested in History and historians interested in Nephrology alike -, who have recently contributed to the field of the History of Nephrology. The Lectureship covers the expenses (up to US $2,000) to attend the IAHN Congress and to present a lecture at the Inaugural Ceremony. The Association welcomes nominations for the 2012 award. The Scientific Committee will evaluate all nominations and then select the winner. Please send letter of nomination, CV of the candidate and all relevant information to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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