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From its creation in September 2007, the Institute has grown at a rapid, yet constant pace. It has now reached a new threshold and needs to make the right move. We want to hear from you.

In its constant and fast growth, the Institute is making connections to engage more decisively into its educational activity and to pass the torch to the next generation of scholars and scientists. A group of students is already in residence during the summer.

The Institute has been on the forefront of interdisciplinary studies since its inception. More exactly, it promotes a border-crossing approach that transects a large palette of disciplines, topics, geographic areas and historical periods not usually brought together. This model begins to burgeon ...

After three foundational years (2008-2010), the Institute has entered a further phase of its history in 2011: it substantially grew and expanded its activity. More than anything else, the Institute has established itself as a reference in the field of medical tradition studies, with a particular focus on the Greek tradition.

The Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions was founded in September 2007. Four years later, where has it arrived? What has it accomplished, what were the challenges and what are the promises?

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