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From China to the Mediterranean, the Silk Road is more than a beaten path. The Institute is approaching it from a different angle. Preliminary results are encouraging ...

With youthful energy, the Institute is expanding the horizon of its research, thanks to students in residence during the summer or through programs initialized from inside the Institute. Mediterranean archaeobotany, Roman gardens, Ayurvedic medicine, and present-day traditional knowledge in Ethiopia are among the new investigations.

The Institute shares documentation, concepts, methods, and also experiences in order to contribute to the education of the next generation of scholars and scientists. During the coming Summer, a first cohort of Interns will participate in the activity of the Institute and may become the next generation of Hellenists ...

After a first recognition at the end of 2010, the research performed in the Institute has received further appreciation: its program of genetics applied to archeological remains of plants was selected among the 100 discoveries made during 2010 that may transform the way of doing science.

The public engagement of the Institute is on the rise: teaching, lectures, and public interventions are on the agenda of the Institute and contribute to raise the awareness of audiences.


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