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For years and even decades, the founders of the Institute have been collecting printed versions of primary sources, secondary literature (in the form of monographs or offprints) and scientific journals. And even more...

Just like the Institute, the Historia Plantarum library and documentary collection of the Institute's founders has dramatically grown in recent years. A reordering was necessary, all the more because the Institute is moving toward a new phase in its activity and opening more widely the doors of the collection to a teaching institution.

Scientific documentation from Greek manuscripts to historical libraries and present-day scholars and scientists’ archives, for example, may become at risk at some point in time. The recent history of the library of the Birmingham Medical Institute is an example ...

Collections are the essence of the Institute, the core of its activity, and the substance of its research programs. Over the past years, the founders of the Institute have substantially increased the Historia Plantarum library.

Filling the lacunas of a collection is not an easy job. Through purchases, exchanges, and donations, the Institute has been recently able to expand the Historia Plantarum collection with some rare pieces of scholarship.

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