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Archaia/Nea means "Ancient/New" in Classical Greek. This is the Newsletter of the Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions, of which this is the first issue. Ancient/New without and or any other link between the two terms. Ancient and New are not juxtaposed, but create an interactive sequence, a direct shift from Ancient to New and probably even to the Future. Archaia/Nea is best understood as The Future of the Past. Because this is what the Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions is about: giving a future to the past, Inspiring Innovation from Tradition.

New Web sites, the Archaia/Nea newsletter, and the series Medicine in the Medieval Mediterranean are just some of the many publications that the Institute created, diffused or edited during the year 2012. This without counting the articles and other scientific contributions authored by the scholars in the Institute.

Collections are the essence of the Institute, the core of its activity, and the substance of its research programs. Over the past years, the founders of the Institute have substantially increased the Historia Plantarum library.

Through a dense program of lectures–no less than 18 during the year–, a wide-ranging teaching activity abroad, multiple appearances in a broad spectrum of media, and a massive presence on the Internet, the Institute has illustrated its vision, programs, and activity to many audiences covering a large palette of interests.

After a first recognition at the end of 2010, the research performed in the Institute has received further appreciation: its program of genetics applied to archeological remains of plants was selected among the 100 discoveries made during 2010 that may transform the way of doing science.

After three foundational years (2008-2010), the Institute has entered a further phase of its history in 2011: it substantially grew and expanded its activity. More than anything else, the Institute has established itself as a reference in the field of medical tradition studies, with a particular focus on the Greek tradition.


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