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Archaia/Nea means "Ancient/New" in Classical Greek. This is the Newsletter of the Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions, of which this is the first issue. Ancient/New without and or any other link between the two terms. Ancient and New are not juxtaposed, but create an interactive sequence, a direct shift from Ancient to New and probably even to the Future. Archaia/Nea is best understood as The Future of the Past. Because this is what the Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions is about: giving a future to the past, Inspiring Innovation from Tradition.

Salerno in southern Italy is supposed to have hosted during the Middle Ages a medical school credited with an importance equal to that of the school of Alexandria. As the story goes, it was founded by a Greek, a Jewish and an Aanrabic physician whose different origins reflect the multiculturality of the school. New research is delving into the history of the school.

Exhibitions, conferences, and other events in the history of medicine, medicinal plants, and therapeutic uses of plants are on the rise. The Institute participates in several of them. Here is a selection...

Just like the Institute, the Historia Plantarum library and documentary collection of the Institute's founders has dramatically grown in recent years. A reordering was necessary, all the more because the Institute is moving toward a new phase in its activity and opening more widely the doors of the collection to a teaching institution.

With youthful energy, the Institute is expanding the horizon of its research, thanks to students in residence during the summer or through programs initialized from inside the Institute. Mediterranean archaeobotany, Roman gardens, Ayurvedic medicine, and present-day traditional knowledge in Ethiopia are among the new investigations.

In its constant and fast growth, the Institute is making connections to engage more decisively into its educational activity and to pass the torch to the next generation of scholars and scientists. A group of students is already in residence during the summer.


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