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Archaia/Nea means "Ancient/New" in Classical Greek. This is the Newsletter of the Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions, of which this is the first issue. Ancient/New without and or any other link between the two terms. Ancient and New are not juxtaposed, but create an interactive sequence, a direct shift from Ancient to New and probably even to the Future. Archaia/Nea is best understood as The Future of the Past. Because this is what the Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions is about: giving a future to the past, Inspiring Innovation from Tradition.

From the Clash of Cultures to the present globalization, the pendulum of historical interpretations hesitates. A host of new (and some less new) publications suggests that reality was much more complex, at least in the field of medical traditions and sciences.

The exhibitions devoted to health, medicinal plants, and medical books–be they actual or virtual–are on the rise worldwide. The Greek heritage is often a central piece ...

It is often assumed that knowledge on medicinal plants was preserved by women more than by men. How about a confrontation between history and current practice?

Greek medical manuscripts are at the core of the activity of the Institute. The plants used in the many texts preserved by these precious books are now entering the activity of the Institute.

After a first phase of foundation and stabilization, the Institute has entered into a further phase of rapid expansion, together with an internationalization of its activity: it is connected with Spain, Canada, and Italy. And, of course, it is also in the USA ...


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